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Cape Buffalo

When your hunting trip ends with a trophy that you want to show off to your friends and family for years to come you want to know that your trophy is being taken care of. At Dustin Doyle Taxidermy all mammals go through a tanning process to ensure a long lasting mount, and reference casts and photos are studied to give you back the most lifelike mount back as possible and are treated as if they are one of own mounts.


When your fishing trip ends with more than just a good time enjoying the outdoors and you have a trophy that you would like to remember hanging from your wall you want the highest quality. Your trophy fish will be hand carved based on the dimensions of your fish and will be painted based on your trophy (photograph recommended).  Every step will be used to ensure that not only will you get the high quality mount back but one that will last on your wall for many years to come as reminder of the  one that didn't get away to show to your friends and family members.


Field Care

Field care is the most important step to ensure that your trophy has every opportunity to allow the taxidermist to do their job and make your specimen the highest quality and it starts as soon as the bullet leaves the gun or the fish is out of the water.

Fish Field Care

  • Fish should not be gutted

  • If can't be brought to taxidermist specimen should be frozen in airtight bags at least double bagged

  • Photograph should be taken as close to the fish being caught as color begins to change as soon as fish are out of water

  • Specimen should not be thrown onto bank as this will result in damage to the specimen (damaged fins, loss of scales)

Here's a helpful video on field care



When I was a senior in high school I experimented on taxidermy for the first time on some fish, not really knowing what I was doing it didn't turn out so well.  While that attempt failed it created an interest in the art of taxidermy, the following year I headed to the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy and learned different methods that produced a much more appealing end product. Once I graduated there in 2009, I opened my taxidermy studio in 2010, since then I have continued learning different techniques in the art of taxidermy to further increase my quality.



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